I have known and worked with Anthony for about three years now. Specifically I have hired him digital marketing skills such as copywriting, content marketing and content promotion. When utilizing Anthony’s experience, skills, creativity and knowledge clients have commented it is some of the best work they have ever seen. He is a true team player and understands how to make the “whole” successful. I can assign Anthony a project and he typically nails exactly what that project demands, and in many cases even surpasses my expectations.

When projects are assigned he is careful to understand the goals and requirements, asks good questions and then gets right to business delivering his work in a very timely fashion. I know I can trust him to get the job done without having to micromanage. Anthony is also exceptionally dependable, trustworthy, empathetic and accommodating. He is a good listener and takes time to fully understand someone else’s point of view, which is sadly a rare quality these days.

I would without a doubt hire Anthony for his work and personal skills again in a heartbeat!

Dan Shure




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