I’ve worked with and known Anthony Pensabene for a number of years now and in that time he has consistently proven himself to be a loyal, wise, thoughtful and effective member of our team.

I personally think loyalty is an important attribute in a team member since my business consists of a workforce that is 99% remote so I need to know I can not only trust someone to perform their role but that they remain loyal to the cause and to me as a fellow human even if there are thousands of miles between us. I can honestly say that Anthony has always acted with the best interests of the company at heart, communicating with me when his workload was light so that he could take on more responsibility and deliver on his objectives more effectively rather than slacking off.

Wisdom and thoughtfulness are again attributes that I find very desirable in a colleague. Anthony has a real ability to not only observe a problem but actually understand the issue then apply his experience and expertise to come up with a solution. My biggest frustration are colleagues who bring me problems without solutions, Anthony isn’t one of those people, on numerous occasions if a project hadn’t quite gone to plan he’s already thought through the solution and brought it to me at the same time as keeping me up to speed.

Anthony is very personable and feels comfortable in most situations without appearing arrogant. This made him adept at communicating both internally and when liaising with our clients.

You may be familiar with Google’s “Airport Test” in which recruiters select applicants based on who they would most like to be stuck at an airport with and frankly Anthony would ace this test.

Having personally been stuck in an airport en route to a conference in Seattle I can honestly say his wealth of life experience, personable nature and a general thirst for life make him not only an fantastic chap to kill some time with but also an excellent employee.

I wish him all the best in his future endeavours and I know he’ll be successful in whatever path he chooses.

James Agate | Director